Contest “Become a gorgeous blonde”: results

20 red-haired women from March 17 to April 1 fought for the victory in the “Become a Gorgeous Blonde” contest, which was organized by Woman’s Day and Yulia Vorontsova’s Beauty Studio.

Recall that the main prize is a luxurious hair color that all blondes dream of. And this dream for our winner was promised to be performed free of charge by the master of the Beauty Studio Yulia Vorontsova.

During the competition, our participants were voted for 2864 times. In the middle of the voting, three leaders took the lead and actively fought for the victory.

As a result, this is what the top three participants in our competition looks like, which have collected the largest number of votes:

1st place – Inessa Andrienko – 832 votes

2nd place – Nadezhda Gorenskaya – 730 votes

3rd place – Eva Mandrik – 430 votes

We will contact the winner of the Become a Gorgeous Blonde Contest Inessa Andrienko as soon as possible and tell you when she will be glad to see her at Yulia Vorontsova’s Beauty Studio. Follow the news and you will see the result of Inessa’s transformation.

You can find detailed information about the competition partner “VKontakte” taldean и Instagram-n.

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